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The MyPatch Holter Recorder

The myPatch®sl Holter recorder continuously records 2 channels of ECG up to 14 days or 3 channels of ECG up to 9 days, and it’s designed to withstand showers and accidental submersions.

Holter monitoring is now easier than ever with this ECG Recorder!  When designing the myPatch®sl recorder, patient comfort and ease of use were priorities. After all, a happy and comfortable patient makes for a compliant patient. Take a moment to learn more about the myPatch®sl Holter recorder, by watching this video.

Unparalleled Features

Introducing the latest myPatch®sl Holter monitor, which we are thrilled to present. This new Holter monitor offers unparalleled features and convenience in the industry. Patients can now benefit from a lightweight, waterproof, and wireless recorder that makes their daily routine effortless. The heart and ECG recorder make Holter tests a breeze. The exceptional features of the recorder include continuous ECG monitoring with 3 channels, various electrode sizes, tap-tap event markers, an internal clock, rechargeable battery, and compatibility with most leading Holter analysis systems.

Snap, peel, stick and go! Enjoy normal activities immediately after application.

The ONLY body-worn Holter monitor device that is IP Rated 68.

Showering and accidental submerges are no problem.

Record up to 3 channels of ECG using our PATENTED electrode!

Only body-worn Holter test device that records 2 channels of ECG for up to 14 days.

myPatch®sl offers 3 different electrode sizes: Neonate, Pediatric and Adult.

Easy “Double-Tap” feature added for event marking convenience.

Easily interfaces to work with most major Holter analysis software packages.

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